Learning Japanese Language, My Process

Hello Everyone, みなさん こんにちわ ^_^.

Hey! What makes you interested in such a topic?!i-love japan red konata new larger

Is it because you admire Japanese Anime/Manga? Japanese shows? Japan itself ?

Or maybe it’s because you’ll be travelling there soon so you need to learn this language? (I envy you though xD).


What attracted me to this language is because of the way they talk, I simply adored it and had nothing to think of but I need to talk like them and I’ll do anything to achieve this goal ♥.

That was about a year ago, and because of my senior year, I couldn’t achieve much, I learned Hiragana and Katakana, mostly from Japanese-lesson website -I highly recommend it for beginners tho ;)-, not a great bunch of the kanji characters, basic phrases, numbers and simple grammar. If any of you guys don’t know about Memrise application, I believe you should download it right NOW!!  It makes learning languages a game and you just have fun instead of learning kinda boring things!


I just figured out with the help of a blog post called How to learn Kanji in 3 months that I need to share my progress publicly to complete this objective, so I thought why not?! And here I am :D.

There’s an awesome book that helps in remembering the Kanji using imagination, I’ve already started and I know about 30 now.

So, does anyone care to join? ^_^


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